Please view a gallery of some of our latest hikes below.

Intaka Island hike, lead by Pam Constantinou. Photos Colin Theunissen

Pipe Track to Corridor ravine – lead by Cornel Schutte, 24 February 2019

Kroomriver hike, lead by Cornel Schutte, October 21

Flowers in Table mountain national park. Photos by Ruth Mcnerney

Happy Valley hike in Bainskloof on Sunday 22 October 2017

Photos were taken by our residential photographer Marleine Dollman.

A relaxed group picture below. Photo by Tony Serafin

Kloof Nek corner along contour path to Deer Park and back 9 February 2019

Sun 29 April Hottentots Holland hike lead by Cornel Schutte

Steenberg Plateau – Sat 8th October

Twelve of us braved the overcast skies and threatening rain. Members Colin Theunissen, Ewen Smith, Cornel Schutte, Maureen and Linda. As well as Cornel’s beautiful young chocolate Labrador. Visitors Claire, Steve, Linda, Monica, Sonja, M and 2 from Durban. The rain held off (until we were on the last leg). We were enjoying the lovely shelter of Fat Lady’s cave by 11 a.m. (having nearly lost 2 of our visitors). A sociable stop and chance for a nibble. Then we set off across the plateau which was covered with flowers, notably Painted Lady, Mountain Dahlia, an orchid and some wild Iris, as well as everlastings.

When we were getting close to Lower Steenberg Peak we took a sharp bend and returned to Wolfkop via an interesting narrow rocky place. A cheerful group undaunted by rain. Some of us met at Sostanza for Hot Chocolate and more chat.

Delvera hiking Trail, lead by Ian Pearce, photo by Tony Serafin

Sun Alphen trail, lead by Glenda Doller, 4 August

Cecilia Forest to Rhodes Memorial Sun 4 Mar, lead by Marco Bauer

Sunday with Elizabeth

Bridal Path, Skeleton Gorge, Saucy Dog, Rendezvous Cave, Enchanted Forest and Tranquility cracks. No, these are not chapters in a crime novel but some of the super paths and interesting rock formations all in your back garden on Table Mountain. Life is not a “trip adviser” experience so join us on our hikes where we let you see the magic of the town you live in. 16 visitors and Ramblers had a fantastic day this Sunday. The iffy weather became great for a hard hike.We managed to go the whole day without getting wet. 7 hours experiencing the mountain at its best. Greens and browns with master strokes of white and orange and the wonderful sound of rushing water made the day magical. It was fantastic having Ewen with his special brand of humour keeping us all in good spirits. We had to climb down a fairly steep rock and I heard someone say. Don’t worry Ewen you just have another foot to go. “But I only have two feet and I am using both” was his quick reply.

Thanks all of you for a great day with fabulous people in a magical surround. Elizabeth, you are a star and thanks for leading a very special hike. Refreshments were at Silvermist restaurant which is a super place to replenish all that lost moisture.